Saturday, October 23, 2010

Q and A

Need to catch up on some questions and answers I guess tonight:

Pumpkin muffins: came from my good OLD orange Betty Crocker book!  I just sub chocolate for the raisins, about 1/2 cup of the mini is good.  We made big muffins and mini muffins for Aubrey!  So yummy right out of the oven with a little coffee:)

Jammies:  They are from Gymboree.  I bought them last year at the outlet mall and got the big girls in a size larger so that they could use them two years in a row.  This year I just needed to get some for Aubrey.  They are in the regular store and on the website, for $12, come in pink or black, and at the outlet, they were $10, but I had a coupon too!  Come in size newborn up to 12 and also in adult I think:)  So next year, only Aubrey and Alice will need them and hopefully I can get those on sale this week:)

Baby:  We are due on February 6th, but it will be a repeat C-section so think end of January date has been set yet.  We do not know if it is a boy or girl.  They weren't able to tell at the last ultrasound and we aren't willing to pay for another one just to find out.  Our first three girls were all surprises by choice.  We found out with Aubrey because the girls really wanted to know.  We are OK with having a surprise baby:) Makes it kind of exciting...we think!  So few surprises in life and I love when we are in the delivery room and Woody gets to announce our newest arrival!

Eyes:  I thought that at the opthamologist office we would just check that we had been and everything looked good....wrong:(  She is nearsighted in both eyes and has a stygmatism in the left eye.  We will be getting glasses sometime soon.  But I have decided that instead of being bummed that Aubrey now has more expensive accessories (hearing aids, orthotics and glasses) than I do,  we are going to ROCK THESE GLASSES and also I told Woody that if his kid's accessories cost more than mine...that maybe he needs to think about getting me ahead of her again:)  Just a small hint!

Walking:  Aubrey is FINALLY walking about 80% of the time!  We are so proud of her.  Been trying for days to get a good video of her doing it, but she is unmotivated to walk if she sees I have the video camera out!  Funny girl.

House for sale:  We have our house for sale and are moving to a neighboring city for many reasons, but mostly because it has a better school district for Aubrey.  The big girls go to our Christian Day School, so moving won't affect them at all in that way.  We will actually be closer to their school and to Woody's office so really it is a win-win for everyone.  We are moving around Thanksgiving, so hope to be all settled for Christmas and the arrival of the new baby.

Camera:  Ella accidentally knocked over the good camera, so no new pictures for now:(  Will try and get some with the old camera if I can find the charger for it.

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