Friday, October 8, 2010

Just Another Ordinary Day....

People ask me all the time..."How do you do it?".

My answer comes from what I learned in the NICU.   They write down EVERYTHING and they are SUPER organized!  I learned very quickly, that I would have to do all that once they handed Aubrey over to my total care.  I have a notebook that I bought right when she was released from the hospital and it is FULL and I moved onto a second one during her surgery that became almost full too.  Unfortunately, it is packed away or I would have taken a photo, but basically each day had it's own page or two, depending.  When you are feeding around the clock, you have to pick a time that IS the next day.  So 5:30am was a new day.  I did time, what she actually drank from the bottle, poops, pees, any meds, doctors appointments, weights, therapy, outings, ect.  Anything that happened that day to Aubrey in that day including naps, got written down.  It enabled us to find patterns to problems or low weights and fix it easily...and when you are so sleep deprived, you can't possibly remember everything!

I gave it up at about 7 months.  Partially because she was nursing and it was harder to keep track of and partially because she was doing so well that it wasn't necessary to be so detailed.  When she was sick and hospitalized a year ago, I did go back to my note books system and charted by time the meds and nebulizers that she needed to do when we came home, but I only do that when she is sick.

Now days, I carry a 8.5" x 11" calendar in the diaper bag and we have a giant calendar on the wall at home.  It is mostly just therapy and appointments and school functions for the kids these days, but most of the time we have something booked for the day.
But TODAY...looked like this:)
Completely Blank!  Just another ordinary day with nothing planned and nothing scheduled and nothing to do:) We stayed in our jammies until lunch time and we lazied around and just played...just like everybody else, that has nothing on their calendars for today...see, we may be busy, but we are more like everyone else than you think...we have ordinary days too:)
Confession:  I did some sewing today too:) and Aubrey likes garbage cans.  So she picked through mine and chose to play with my wad of strings.  Kept her busy for 30 minutes while she picked off each sting individually!  Talk about fine motor skills practice!


  1. I think you should do a giveaway from your etsy shop hint hint:)
    I love that last photo!

  2. Cute picture, I love how it looks like she kinda puckers her lips as she concentrates!

  3. so glad you had a day of doing nothing..those are the best!


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