Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hidden Opportunities

I am always looking for more/better opportunities for "work" to do with Aubrey.  I can't decide if that is a good thing or not, but I'm always thinking about it...if she is just sitting in the car seat or stroller, I think "what can she do right now...what can I give her to stimulate growth and progression in her development?"

Sometimes fun and work can go hand in hand:)  You just have to be looking for the right moment and way to adjust the game!

A couple weeks ago we had Oktoberfest at our church and the youth had set up some games where you could win tickets to turn in for prizes.  Once I got over my fear that she would be run over by the big kids, we found a Ring Toss that no one was playing with to use.

My idea was to give her the rings and have her put them on the stick...but she didn't want to do it standing...
Or while she was sitting...(she just kept handing them back to me:)
She wanted to figure out how that stick was in the ground and use GROSS MOTOR to get it out!
Sometimes the best laid plans...don't go the way WE want them too, but in the end, maybe she did get something out of it all:)  At least she wasn't just sitting in the stroller or being held.

And what would she rather do than play Ring Toss...
Head over to the playground and doubt!

Find those hidden opportunities all around you...not just during therapy or at home:)

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  1. she is such a cutie! our maggie LOVES to swing too...she just giggles the whole time, so cute! i went to gynboree's website and couldn't find the cute jammies for my girls :( your girls look so cute in them!


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