Thursday, October 21, 2010


It happens to one said that motherhood was easy...and just gets to be too matter what kind of "SUPER MOM" you are most days:)  You know those June Clever/Martha Stewart Moms who do it all and have a wonderful meal on the table every night and are crafting with their kids and everything just seems to go smooth at their house:)

Down Syndrome Awareness Month...31 for 21...the reality of life is that sometimes, I get overwhelmed, just like every other mom out there.  Most of the time, life is good, and we are celebrating great milestones and the joy of our sweet pea...but can become a bit much and that is the reality of motherhood...not just those of us who have children with Ds.  So my lack of posting this week...

I don't know if it was the blogging everyday and questions that had me thinking about ALL the therapy that we have every week, or ALL the specialists that we see, or ALL the extras that come with that little extra something special...

Maybe is is struggling with the hearing aids (one defective--sent back to manufacturer last week, other one acting up this week)...We've been there every week for the last month and they aren't a CLOSE or CONVENIENT appointment...

Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones:)

Whatever it was, it was our reality this week and that is what this blog is for...reality...and I don't ever want to convey that life is ALWAYS peachy, even though most days it is, but we are over it for the most part...


Well, first, you hand out new jammies for everyone and stay up waiting for Dad so that you can scare him!
(they glow in the dark:)
And in the morning we baked:)  Most of the time you would find something chocolate in the mixing bowl when we are having a week like this, but not in October...Oh is fall and so in the spirit of the season, we made our SECOND batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins! (and we made it a double:)

(Nah, Nah!  You can't get up here!)
And we waited...

And then we each ate three!  Hot out of the oven!  And had no guilt about it!

And then, I let my kids loose in the pantry to CRAFT!  
Aubrey, who is not usually allowed free reign of the crafting supplies, much less markers, thought that she was really getting away with something!
And she wanted to see how many she could stash in her hands and get away with at one time!
And even though she couldn't get the caps off...she was in heaven thinking that she was coloring all these beautiful pictures:)
And all was right in the world...

And instead of cleaning for house showings or finishing up the piles of laundry or getting dinner going so that the afternoon wouldn't be crazy...
 We played hopscotch!  And we laughed and smiled and giggled!  And we just stayed in our bubble of happiness.
Those worries and appointments and phone calls and laundry and dishes and whatnot, were all still there after the fun, but we needed the break to set ourselves right again and get back on track.  We all need that sometimes...

So every once in awhile, take off the super cape, grab yourself a good cup of coffee and some chocolate (or pumpkin:) and enjoy your kids...I guarantee, the world will be right again in no time...and you will be ready for the next load that the world brings at you.

Today we went to the eye doctor...but that's a post for tomorrow:)


  1. You are so right. I get caught up in it all too. I need to remember to enjoy life and my children because it goes too fast.

    LOVE the jammies!

  2. Oh my gosh....where did you find Jammies to fit everyone. Those are the cutest things ever!! And I am glad you had a relaxing definitely deserved it. I am not sure if I have missed a post or not but I can't remember if you have said if you are having a boy or girl? When are you due again? Crazy days ahead, huh!!

  3. Thank you for the TWO snack bags!!! They arrived today- you ARE a supermommy!! Love, love them!! Can you tell me where you got the jammies? They are so cute. And I was just going to bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins today too..but lost track of time:)
    Your girls are beautiful!

  4. LOVE the pic of all 4 girls. Adorable!

    I have a post brewing on STOPPING to ENJOY life, too. Bryan is so much better at that kind of thing than I am.

    Glad you had a fun day!

  5. Well, if it's worth anything, I think you're the best super-mom out there...cape or no cape. :)

    Those PJs are super-awesome!!

  6. P.S. - Love the kitchen wall color! :) Nice choice guys! :) We're planning to paint in our place soon too...and blue seems to be the color this season!

  7. Wow - your girls are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I feel so blessed to have found your blog - as we are adopting a precious angel blessed with an extra chromosome!!!

  8. Sounds like a great idea to me! We have been trying to sell our house and it is really hard to keep it in "show" condition while letting the girls have fun.
    Your girls mathcing PJs are so cute.
    The mailman brought Lindsey's snack bags yesterday. Thanks so much.

  9. Just found you , your girls are too much, the cutest! How old is Aubrey?


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