Friday, May 7, 2010


Spring weekends=planting and gardening

It means that there will be hard work....and I'm so lucky that my girls find pure joy in doing the work and getting dirty...because they KNOW what comes of it:)

(a tutu is a daily thing, in case you were wondering:)
Care and gentleness...and patience.
And a whole lot of silliness...

And it isn't always easy and fun...sometimes you just want to cry.

But all the care and waiting and patience is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 
worth it in the end. 
 The reward comes, 
when you peak into the leaves and see those first fruits of your labors.
What I absolutely LOVE about this homegrown goodness...
is that I don't find myself hunting for the reddest, roundest tomatoes...

Or the most perfectly shaped strawberries...or green peppers.

Shape and color..."perfection" don't matter, 
because I KNOW that it is just gonna be the sweetest, best thing I ever tasted!

Aubrey isn't much into the gardening and dirt yet, but she is into this sandbox, which by the way hasn't held sand in 3 years.  It holds summer water and she seemed to know that something was missing.
And once there was water, she was perfectly happy.
It is a perfectly good way to practice cruising too in case anyone is wondering.

Of all my girls, she is the only one who has willingly kept her summer hat on and I"m so grateful!

(picture taking ended her, because someone needed to rescue the baby drowning by the hand of her sister)
Aubrey forgave her once she dried out!

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  1. You take such great pictures Rachel! Beautiful! Well, maybe not the one of Aubrey drowning...but I always enjoy seeing your family!!


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