Thursday, May 27, 2010


We have actually been excited to get our new orthotics.  She is getting closer to walking on her own daily and we thought that the orthotics would help her so much that she would be walking this summer for sure.  So we went to the doctor's office with such excitement and high hopes.  

Here is what they look like...her little "bug shoes"!
They even have the sense to put the R and L in there for us busy parents so that we get it right and don't do more harm than good by mixing them up.

The size 0 shoes that I got her a month ago, which were too big,  (Itzy Bitzy), I thought would be perfect now with the orthotics.  They tell you that she will need one size bigger with the orthotics.  I could get them on, but they wouldn't velcro closed.  So we went home to sift through the bin of shoes for something a little bit bigger that was like a sneaker (recommended to work best with the orthotics).  Found these "flower power" ones that all the girls wore right as they started walking:)  Her toes are actually where the rubber rounded toe of the shoe starts!  Plenty of length in these clown shoes (size 2).

If I stood her up she would take a few steps in them, but then would sit down.  She wouldn't cruise in them at all.  It was like adding 5lb weights to each leg.  They seemed clunky and heavy.  When she was sitting and then tried to get back up, she couldn't get her legs out from in front of her and under her.  She was so frustrated.

And after about 10 minutes of excited encouragement from me, holding back my own tears, cause I felt so bad for her, we took them off.  It stuck with her all night though and she cried about everything...even in the bath:(  We hope that tomorrow is better...we have therapists coming, so maybe they can help...I think we just need to find the right shoes, light weight and a better size.  I've heard that the stride right outlets have tiny shoes, so we may have to go shoe shopping tomorrow.


  1. We just got Lucas measured for his, with bugs too! We see Pat Winders and she recommended Jumping Jacks or something similar like Stride Rites. She is such a doll, love love love the strawberry hat!

  2. Sorry it was frustrating! But how cute is the strawberry hat?

  3. I love the bugs! She'll look so cute once she gets used to them. I would think it would be a little awkward to wear them at first- I bet she'll be flying before you know it!

    We have that same shirt- it's sad when you are such a Gymboree addict that you can recognize their lines from a mile away... :) And the shoes? You know, people go through great and sometimes painful lengths to have small feet. It's a trait that many woman would kill to have! :) Have fun shoe shopping!!!

  4. I've also heard of people wearing Robeez over their orthotics. Boy, if it means fitting into bigger shoes, I may have to wrangle somebody into prescribing a pair for LC!

    P.S. LC was wearing that SAME sad face when she came home with her cast. For the first day of it we were both heartbroken. Then, a switch flipped and she just started to problem solve and learn to move under the new circumstances. Hopefully that moment is coming soon for your spunky little bit.

  5. I love Stride Rite shoes! Liam's massively WIDE have benefited from many-a-shoe from there! :)

  6. We love Stride Rite shoes. Yes, they will fit get with orthotics.

  7. These orthotics are beautiful.. Just loved it :)


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