Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I first wanted to thank those who offered their support to us.  We sooo appreciate it.  We also thank those "strangers" who found us and gave us knowledge about hearing aids for children.  I felt so much better walking into that appointment today...being INFORMED, at least a little.

They did the hearing test first and she missed sooooo much.  I knew that she had failed, but THEY seemed surprised that there had been so much change from last time.  She didn't have much wax if any, but she had fluid in both ears, which she hasn't really every had before.
So THAT is why she failed this time.  So not a very accurate test as to whether she is really hearing or not.  We are wait and see right now.  We go back in about two weeks for another check, but the doctor would like to start with tubes to get her ears clear and then go from there.
We will schedule for the end of June and proceed if she continues to have fluid, but I'm not convinced that she will...she never has.

So our plan is this:  Wait the two weeks.  If she has no fluid, have another hearing test, and go from there.  If she passes...more therapy...if she another option instead of the tubes, probably hearing aids.  If she has fluid, we will proceed with the tubes and then go from there.  She will need to  have an echo right before surgery...which was originally scheduled for July anyway, so just one more thing for our June calendar which hadn't looked so bad, but is now really filling up:)

Not the appointment we thought that we would have, but then again, I don't know why I thought that it would go as I had prepared or expected!  Tomorrow we get her new orthotics...will let you know how that goes.  In our 90 degree weather...we are really barefoot people, so it should be interesting to have to put socks, orthotics and shoes on her most of the time!


  1. I love the look on Aubrey's face on that second picture...too funny! No fun with the orthotics in this heat - YUCK! Poor little thing...those docs need to stop torturing the girl! Haha.

  2. We were super surprised with the sounds LC had been missing that were revealed when she had her tubes placed. I'll never forget her first bathtime experience after they were placed...she was COMPLETELY freaked out by the acoustics in the room...and she's a twice/day bather. While her speech skills didn't budge at all following toobies, it was good to have it confirmed that we were being actively ignored.


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