Friday, May 28, 2010


A HUGE thank you to everyone who had such helpful suggestions and offered support, but especially to Courtney over at The Adventures of Pudge and Zippy, who mentioned yesterday about someone she knew that wore Robeez with their orthotics.  (We have a HUGE love of Robeez in this house--that is mostly all I put on Aubrey).

This morning at Therapy, I took the orthotics and flowered sneakers and we put them on.  Similar result as yesterday...lots of crying...tears...upset.  Then I remembered about the Robeez and ran to dig out the next size up for her.  (Disney Piglets:)
With these, the size didn't make such a difference to her, but the weight of these is little to none versus the sneakers.  She was happy as a kite!  And now she can hear the tap, tap, tap that the orthotics make on the wood floor!  Kind of like walking in heels on the floor.  She loved it:)
And then off she she wasn't even wearing anything at all!
It wasn't the orthotics that were bothering was the sneakers!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!  This is why I blog!  It never would have occured to me to try the Robeez, which we already had, and we could have struggled for a very long time.

Therapist Liz, knows Aubrey so well, and suggested that we start wearing them all the time right away.  They don't seem to bother her now and she thinks that with Aubrey's personality, we should just jump right in like it was a new pair of shoes:)

We will take them off for naps, long car rides and wet activities, but otherwise, she should wear them.  We'll let you know how she does with them after a couple days.  PT comes on Tuesday, so that will be a good test for us and we go back to the Orthopedic the following week for a check up.  I'm hoping that they don't say anything about the Robeez versus the sneakers that they wanted, but we're working on it.
She likes to look at her feet while she walks now:)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!


  1. yeah! so glad the robeez worked! we loved them too, i wish they could make them with a flexible, waterproof rubber for kids who go outside...

    dannielle kennedy-battle

  2. Rock and roll, Piglet!!! Happy Tapping with Aubrey! LOVE it!!!

  3. Yay...this is good to know! Mommy has a serious shoe fetish and Lily is well stocked with Robeez. I'll have to try them out when she gets her orthotics. Seriously...the thing that bothered me most about orthotics was the ugly shoes I thought she was going to have to wear...yes, I'm that

  4. SO happy to see a happier Aubrey today! Yahoo for Robeez!

    BTW, to Danielle--they do make Robeez Tredz to be worn outside! Check it out at

  5. YAY! So happy they are working so well, thank goodness for blogs! :)

  6. Fantastic! I am glad you found a solution that works for you!

  7. Just found your blog. Aubrey is SO cute!!! I will keep checking back!

  8. Your four kidlets are the cutest girls I have EVER seen! What a joyous family you have! Aubrey is so cute she makes my teeth ache!

    Piper's nana


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