Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smart Girl

My girl is so smart!  (all your kids are smart too:)

These last couple months it just seems like she is changing every day and growing and maturing sooooooooo fast.  I wasn't ready for this!  I really liked the slow pace of life that we had going!  But girl showed me that she is just soooo smart and soooo proud of herself too!

I was making lunch...and she was sitting by my feet...and I was handing her baby cooked carrots to eat while I was working (she couldn't wait)...and then off she scooted for the pantry, her new favorite hangout.  While she was in there she got a kid plate out of the drawer and came out waving it at me!  She put it on the floor and reached out for another carrot...which she ever so politely put down on her plate and gave me the biggest grin EVER! top it off...she proceeded to head for the dishwasher (which was open) so that she could pull a spoon out and was trying to eat her carrot with the spoon!  (I gave her a fork so it would be easier:)

She's a smart one and now she has the speed to go with it.  We love that little girl to pieces!  She may be small, but she is growing up and leaving the "baby" in the dust!

Can't wait to see what she has in store for tomorrow!


  1. How cute! She sure is a smart girl, what a fun story! I love watching what is going on in their minds!

  2. SMART and CUTE!!! Our little ones ARE very clever:) Watch out world.....consider yourselve's warned!!! lol

  3. Way to go, smarty pants! Can't wait to see you showing off all of your new tricks. Only a little more than a month to go!!!


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