Monday, May 17, 2010


After months, and months and months of encouraging Aubrey to get herself moving and climbing and standing and walking, we are now faced with PREVENTING her from moving and getting!

Here is what happens when big sisters can't, don't, won't pick up their teeny tiny polly pockets, and you would like to eat them...
"Oh WOW, look at all those little teeny tiny pieces!"
"Come on MOM, take the gate down!  Let me at them."
"I see you in there Ella!  Let me inside!  I promise not to eat anything important!"
"Ha, ha, ha (evil sister laugh)!  The gate is up and you can't get in!"

Tomorrow, I will show you what state the gate is in now...(sigh)


  1. Ah, yes. Nothing gets me out of bed quicker than the sound of a gate crashing to the floor.

  2. Very cute. Lucas just started crawling so we have to baby proof ASAP!

  3. Oh, that beautiful little face looks very innocent!♥

  4. Ah, yes the evil big sister laugh :)
    I have already thought how proud I will be this time around to get the gates back out.


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