Monday, May 10, 2010


It has been awhile since we had a statistical update.  I had liked to think that we were starting to move AWAY from  counting ounces and inches and what not...but we still do and I know others wonder, so here is Aubrey's latests.

Her nutritionist comes every other week for weight, measurements and plotting.  Aubrey gained 1 oz and grew 1 inch in TWO weeks!  We measured twice to be sure, but maybe our earlier one had been a little off.  Either way, she grew and that is great.  However, we are still not gaining enough weight.  We had backed off of yogurt and milk since it seemed to make her constipated.  We are now trying it every other day and mixing prunes in with the yogurt and that seems to be helping, so hopefully we will be up some at her appointment at the end of the week.  She had a little cold when they weighed her so that could have contributed to it as well.  (she was back under 17)  But all of this means that she fell off of the proportional chart that she was actually on...still not even onto the Ds charts and certainly not the "normal" charts.  She looks healthy to us and that is just as important.  She's just petite and she always will be!  We have finally moved up to the 6-9 month clothes though!

She is  pulling up on everything, cruising all over the place and climbs the stairs with so much ease now.  She is working on getting down the stairs and has been successful getting down the bottoms two by sliding on her tummy.  Her favorite place to be is the window.  She watches her sisters out there and waits for someone to open the door so that she can make her escape!

Last week we had an ECI physical therapist come out to look at Aubrey's feet.  They thought that she would be a good candidate for Orthodox.  Her ankles roll in a little and this would help strengthen them.  
(not Aubrey's feet.  I couldn't get a good shot of hers, so these are some I googled, but it is what Aubrey's feet look like)

(google photo again)

The orthodox are a soft plastic and would go just above her ankle bones and her toes will stick out the end.  There is a little velcro closure in the middle and soft padding on the inside so that they don't push on any bones.  Aubrey will get her "new shoes" in a couple weeks.  They shouldn't bother her at all, though with the summer coming, they will probably make her feet HOT.  She will wear socks and then her "sure steps" and then her shoes over the top.  He said she might need one size up in shoes!  I said,  "so the ZEROS that she has now, might actually fit her?".  Woody got to what pattern she got...he nixed the flowers and she is getting BUGS.  Sure hope they are cute!  Our PT thinks that she should be walking soon with these helping...but I'll wait...she just doesn't seem THAT close to me.

She is our joy and light and we are so enjoying the smart little girl that she is.  Sometimes...ok, most of the time, I look and see a baby still, but she really is such a big girl now and really coming into her own with a strong personality too!  Just wait till she starts running around the house.


  1. Love Aubrey;s shades -- how do you keep them on her? =)
    Anna has those types of orthotics (SMO's) because her ankles do the exact same thing. We have found that she is much more stable and balanced with the orthotics on. I also think this has given her some confidence to stand and move more. She does prefer them off...but is not bothered by them being on.

    The hardest part (for us, anyhow) about the orthotics is finding shoes to fit them. Anna has pretty narrow feet, but with the orthotics, her regular shoes would not fit. The best thing we found are Converse sneakers (can be found at Target). They open up nice and wide and lace up. Anything with a velcro just wouldn't close. Hopefully you have better luck than us. And if you find something that works well - let me know! =)

    Here's a link to Anna's orthotics...

  2. Sounds like she's doing great! And a whole inch??? That's crazy! Good for her! That added height makes pulling up on things loads easier, too, I'm sure. I was working with Piper to pull-up today. She will, but I don't have anything that's both heavy enough to support her pull AND short enough that she can get a decent grasp. What do you guys use? Any fancy hints?

    I LOVE the pictures, as always. That one by the door looks like it should be in a magazine somewhere. She is simply WAY too cute.

  3. Yay, Aubrey....a whole inch! You sure are a "big girl". And I love your shades:) Very stylish!!

    I would love to see Landon and Aubrey side by side. Landon just broke 16lbs.....(16lbs. be exact). Yep, barely hanging on to the bottom of the Ds chart at 15 months old. He's also wearing 6-9 month pants. I am enjoying his "smallness" too, but he really is growing up (reaching new milestones)!

    We just get to enjoy this stage a little longer........and that's not such a bad thing:)

    Good luck with the SMO's......BUGS!!......what a great choice!!

  4. Wow! An inch in 2 weeks is amazing:) Way to GROW, Aubrey!

    I'm definitely liking her shades!

  5. Wohoo on the growth. Have you tried mixing pears in to help with constipation? Pears always seem to work better than the prunes for Lindsey.
    Love the cool shades! Too cute!


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