Monday, March 5, 2012

Trouble Makers

Today, the first thing Aubrey did.........pull out her iv!  And since she still has the wound from last week and I"m not letting them use the "thumb sucking" hand, she didn't get a new one.

But it was gonna be one of those days...cause Trouble 1 had help from Trouble 2.  And since Aubrey is under quarentine, there was no leaving the room!

Aubrey again woke to request two things:  SAUSAGE and JUICE.  And as she shoveled it in, she made sure that she wasn't going to have to share with Emelia.
She could really go for some Thurn's Sausage...but she isn't being picky these days!
We did fine motor skills.
And Emelia did some climbing....on and off this little stool with the diaper scale on it.
Then because she is teething, she tried to chew on any cord that was low, the sides of the was AWFUL keeping things out of her mouth that shouldn't be!

At 11:30, Emelia finally gave up the fight and fell asleep in the stroller and then I snuggled with my girl and she fell asleep too.  30 minutes of peace to each lunch and call dad and then Emelia was up.  We walked the lobby of the hospital and halls for 1 hour just to give Aubrey the time she needed to sleep.

Once they were both up, we got Aubrey out to let her walk around a bit and sister got put in the CAGE!!!
I think I'll take my blood pressure.
It was all I could do with her to keep my sanity today!
Aubrey trying to adjust her own oxygen flow.
Sister was just fine being up there in bed.  And I had a break from chasing her for a bit.
Woody and I switched at 5 so I could come home with the girls for a bit and then I'll be going back.  He called to tell me that they came in to do vitals and had I unplugged her oxygen!  Ummmm NO!!!! (who does that anyway.....weaning there own kid behind the nurses back)  Apparantly TROUBLE struck again and she was self weaning.  Sitting at 97 was good, though.  

I think she was showing some maturity in kicking her own addiction and wanting to get out of rehab and come home to this crazy bunch of sisters.  Here's hoping for an oxygen free evening that brings us closer to coming home....

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  1. Theresa BeauchampMarch 5, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    Keep on the mend Aubrey and stay out of trouble.


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