Sunday, March 4, 2012


(sorry these are all cell phone pictures so quality is low-but wanted to share my girl)

Friday seemed to be really good for Aubrey and we thought she was still going in right direction.  Her healing process is very slow and we know that, but she acted better and actually played and ate a good dinner.

At 2:30am she woke up coughing and vomiting.  She had a 102 temp and was breathing really hard.  Her pulse ox was 67-70.  For those who know that is REALLY low, but I don't think it scares us as much since she LIVED int he 70s for the first 4 months of life.  We did rescue inhaler and a nebulizer and got it to 80, but it was clear that she needed to be seen again.

So baby got her BAR CODE back!
They scan her every time they do something, administer something or move her.  Kind of cool and way faster than them having to get out the computer each time and I'm sure it saves them charting time!
They did some suctioning and 1 hour breathing treatments twice to try and keep her stats up.  They repeated the chest x-ray from earlier in the week and drew labs again.  They confirmed a virus from the earlier blood draws and the x-ray looked the same.  The seemed a little baffled by our girl (this is their first rodeo with her, we've been here before).  I informed them that she is a mystery some times, has a slight addiction to oxygen, and is not a rule follower!

X-ray explained:  they think that maybe she is at the beginning of a bacterial infection or pneumonia since it looked the same.  If she had a virus and was mucusy, the spots on the x-ray would have looked different and have moved around.

Once they cleaned out wax in her ear....they found an ear infection as well!  And because when it rains at the Smith's it pours....Emelia came down with an ear infection yesterday too and was running fever.  Sympathy sickness:)
So they admitted her to the PICU and put her on high flow oxygen.  Imagine sticking your head out the car window and driving down the freeway!  They are hoping that the forced (warm and moist) oxygen will help open up her lungs along with some intensive respiratory therapy.  NOT A HAPPY CAMPER and she fought that thing hard for awhile....wouldn't you?
But she is always such a trooper!  And such a pleasant patient.  Her only complaint was that she was hungry and they didn't really want to feed her.  Her request: Juice (every 5 minutes) and sausage and yogurt!  I think she was getting desperate after awhile and was just requesting anything she could think of!  Last night she was finally given food privileges and got sausage, muffins, TWO juice boxes, pasta and fruit!
She had a pretty good night and they are slowly weening the oxygen for her.

Emelia was up three times last night, so it was a good thing that I stayed home instead of Dad-she would have been kind of MAD at him! (still nursing her) Hoping she gets over the hump today since Dad will be home tonight.

Thank you to all who had prayers in church for us today and have been praying all week.  We can't thank you enough.  And thank you to the Sarah and Amelia who are helping us out with babysitting a bit so we can switch locations and get people to school this week.  You girls ROCK!

They don't like to even guess at when she will come home, but the respiratory therapist said he wouldn't plan on anything before Wednesday.  So we are planning out our lives daily til then and hoping she gets better faster.....

Dad will be at hospital all day again, so my updates are limited, but I will be back for a sleepover tonight and all day tomorrow.


  1. Theresa BeauchampMarch 4, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    Your in my thoughts and prayers Aubrey. God is watching over you all the time.

    Psalm 41:3
    The LORD sustains them on their sick bed and restores them from their bed of illness.

  2. The Lord never gives you more than you can handle. Hang in there Rachel and Woody. Your family's health and well being are in my prayers.


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