Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Together Again

All under one roof!  And Happy!
Last night, after she "self weaned", she must have gotten a second wind, because I couldn't get her to go to bed!!!!  She just kept talking and talking and talking and asking for food and snacks and toys and shows and books!  The stall tactics were at a whole new level!
 I finally gave her some books and she read all 6, WORD for WORD!!!
At 10:00, I finally went out into the lounge to get a break and see if she would go down.  And in about 2 minutes, she was asleep.  Her oxygen faltered a bit at 11:00 and I saw the light fading as far as going home, but they repositioned her and we were in the clear the rest of the night! She tucked her fingers into her blanket and slept til 8:00.
Her first request?
Sausage!  With a side of watermelon.

Our hospital doctor gave us the thumbs up to go home.  She felt that Aubrey, while still sick, was out of the woods and ready to go home.

Our new pulminologist came by at lunch.  He created a new plan for her and will see her in 4 weeks.  It is very uncomfortable to be starting over with a new doctor, who doesn't know her history, but we are moving forward and hopefully the fact that he at least saw her today and REALLY looked at her history from this stay will help us moving forward.  He just didn't understand how this virus could make her so sick....yeah....us either, but that is our Aubrey and this is how she does it!
So she is home, but not completely over this cold she has:)  We see her regular doctor tomorrow and as needed til she is well again.  She  missed 4 days of school last week and will miss all of this week....next week spring break!  So she will have missed 3 weeks of school before heading back.  The extra time home should get her completely healthy before going back, but I wonder if she'll backslide at all....we'll see.

Thank you for all your prayer.  Prayer is powerful and we are so grateful to the wonder friends and family that have been praying for our sweet girl.  You are amazing!

Thank you Lindsay for dropping off dinner yesterday too!  YUMMY to come home and have dinner ready to set on the table.  You rock!!!

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