Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Weekend............

I LOVE Fridays!  They are lazy afternoons.  No rushing to finish homework and make dinner and get baths and ready for the next day.  They are laid back and slow and fun.

Friday night this week meant a VERY competitive game of KICKBALL in the backyard!  Losers serve winners ice cream kind of serious!

More of a soccer player with her ball dribbling than a kick and run kind of girl:)  But that girl can run the bases like no bodies business!
Mom and Kate and Ella VS Dad and Alice and Ella
That's how we divide 5 people into two teams!  Ella got to kick all the time.  Which is fine, because some of the others in the outfield looked like this: 
And if you are gonna look like this in my outfield, you might as well kick the whole time.
Aubrey is starting to realize that Emelia is gaining on her in both size and weight and she WILL NOT have that.  She is very determined to keep Emelia in her place and show her who is boss!
And Emelia (14 months) realizes that she can do just about anything that the big girls can and is learning quickly to watch, take notes, then just do it.  For the record, she never did get to the top of the slide, but she sure did get close and I'm sure that with a couple more days of trial, she'll have it down.  

This girl will not be left out!
Found some time at the pool this weekend too.  She amazes me, this one.  Last year, she laid in the shallow, playing in the bubbles and "swimming".  This year, she paces.
Spends the entire day at the pool walking from one side to the other, over and over and over again.
And we just follow her lead.  I don't know why she does it, but she's good at it and each week, she gets just a little deeper in the water.  Swimming lessons here we come!
 And even though Emelia loves a good bath, she is NOT fond of the pool.  The last couple times, she hasn't let us put her down and has a pretty good death grip on us.
She's getting braver though and actually let us put her down and sat with the rings this weekend.  My girls like familiarity and comfort and sometimes it takes them awhile to warm up to new and different things. 

All 5 of them are so different.  I never tire of them surprising me with how different they all can be.  5 kids, all girls, with 5 very different personalities.

The big girls all did some rock climbing too, but those pictures are on my phone and I'll have to get them later.

Sunday found us BLUE.
We found a very large and beautiful hill of bluebonnets near our house this year and headed over after church for some pictures.
I love these blue bonnets....
Most of them were willing participants in my photo shoot.  They cut me some slack since I don't ask them to do this much.  But some were not so cooperative.
I had some "Little House on the Prairie" moments today as they were running up and down the hill full of flowers.
I'm trying to remember to capture the parents as well as the children, so that they can remember that we were there with them too!

And my girls are becoming better at capturing the parents too!  Thanks to Ella (5) for getting this one today.....the only shot she took of us and it turned out great. 
Another great weekend with the family!  


  1. Nice skills, Ella! I'm quite impressed. And I love Aubrey's stance in that first kickball picture! Such a hoot. : )


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