Thursday, October 1, 2015

Down Syndrome Awareness-Day1 More Alike Than Different

We are a busy crew around here and I find it easier to do a quick facebook update, than update the blog most of the time.  But when October rolls around, my heart wants to write longer posts about my Aubrey.  

It is Down syndrome awareness month again and it is a chance for me to share our special girl with the world.  To be a window into her life and that extra chromosome that gets so much attention sometimes.

The truth is, she's just Aubrey to us.  And the Down syndrome is just one small part of who she is.  Is she different?  YES.  Is she still our girl?  YES.  And along with her genetic make up coming from us, she also shares our passions and talents and loves.

She comes from a long line of artists.  If you didn't know, Aubrey's dad is an artist and many in his line are artistically talented.  Aubrey's mom....not so much.  I'm the teacher that still uses stick figures.  All of our girls love art and drawing and painting and the such....and Aubrey is no different.

Her favorite is painting with water.  On the pool walls.  On the deck.  On the chalkboard.  But she loves markers and crayons and drawing too.  We can actually tell what she is drawing and her people have come a long way.  

Someone posted this tv show clip and I thought is was nice.  And while I'm not hoping that Aubrey is working on her skills to one day become a Tattoo Artist, I do hope that she always loves the arts and that she always loves what she does...same as I want for all my girls.

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