Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Down Syndrome Awareness - Day 6 - Anything is Possible #LONGSHOT

I feel so blessed that our world has changed in regards to people with any disability.  People with Down syndrome are proving every day, all around the world, that they are not only capable of doing what everyone else is doing, but they can do it great!

I came across an article entitled "8 People with Down Syndrome Who Are Making History".  The original article is here:
(some of the video links don't work, but you can google them)

There is a woman who graduated college with honors.  There is a model and an actor and even a politician.  All of them have Down syndrome and have achieved more than was thought possible.

The last story really struck me, because kids can be so cruel.  I think one of the things I have always worried about is bullying and acceptance for my daughter.  Owen's path wasn't without bullying and mean kids, but in the end, the way his team and the other kids at school rallied around him, was amazing!

We should all have that kind of love and support, disability or not.  Go out there tomorrow and show love and kindness and support to someone!

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