Monday, October 12, 2015

Down Syndrome Awareness - Day 10 Communication

Communication can be tough for kids with Down syndrome and many turn to Sign Language to help bridge the gap between needs to communicate and ability to communicate.  We were no different in the beginning and fell in love with Signing Time videos.

Once we learned that Aubrey was hearing impaired, we had to move into high gear and learn more since that was going to  be her primary means of communication.  We took classes at the elementary school and go dictionaries.  It was tough.  But we had so much help.

I'm impressed with how much she knows sometimes, and how she corrects us.  I love that we can communicate without even talking and sometimes it is fun to tell "secrets" with my kids that no one else can hear:)

Her language has improved tremendously and we use both verbal and signing now, but still very much need the signs to get all her wants and needs across sometimes.  The challanging part now, is that she is learning faster than we are!  I love that her teachers are always sending home sheets of words (so we don't have to look them up) and it helps us learn some of the new words she is getting at school.

For your learning pleasure this week, her spelling list.  We knew all of these, but it is always a good review for signs we don't use often.

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