Thursday, October 8, 2015

Down Syndrome Awareness- Day 8 Tired

Keeping Aubrey healthy has been tough. For 2,586 days (7 years and 1 month), that has been our job. Kids with Ds often have weaker immune systems. 

Sometimes we struggle with her health and sometimes we do not. Right now we are battling. Which means we have TWO new pieces of equipment at our house. 

The pulse ox monitors her oxygen levels, which is ultimately how we know she is getting sick. We monitor her at night. Anything above 90 (red) is good. Anything lower and she gets oxygen, which we also have right now.  It's been some sleepless nights monitoring her or fixing the beeps when it doesn't read or she pulls it off. But we like knowing how she's feeling since she can't tell us. 
We also have a pulmonary vest. She often uses this when in the hospital and they finally decided we should have one at home. She puts it on. It puffs up with air and we connect hoses that "shakes" her.  10 minutes a session.   Supposed to shake the snot out of her or get her coughing.   Either way, we've seen some progress since getting it. We hope it is the simple answer to keeping her lungs healthy and clear. 

Now this tired mama is heading to bed. Restful sleep to all!

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