Monday, October 12, 2015

Down Syndrome Awareness - Day 9 Changing the Face of Beauty

We have big dreams for our Aubrey!  We expect her to be....unique and exciting and beautiful and smart and independent and wonderfully herself.  We expect that of all our kids:)

Defining beauty in only one way, is limiting to so many in the world.  We are blessed that she is a part of a school where there are lots of unique kids and she is no different than anyone else.  Her disabilities don't make her stand out.  All the kids at that school are unique and beautiful and special.

Kelle Hampton is a blogger I have followed for years.  She blogs about life beauty....and her family....and her daughter who has Down syndrome.  Everyday life is just everyday life.  She had a blog before her daughter was born and not much has changed.  She blogs life.  But she also blogs about the change she wants to see in the world for her daughter.  She has connected with others and raised money to make a difference for her daughter and others with Down syndrome.

This post about changing beauty is great:

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