Monday, January 3, 2011

Too Late?

Am I too late to wish everyone a Merry Christmas?  :)

My kids have been taking turns being sick and needing snuggles and comfort and so everything else gets put on hold:(  I will spare everyone the "sick" pictures that my lovely husband took of us all on the couch the other day...we are a sad bunch.  The sleepless nights, coupled with being 8 months pregnant, are starting to wear thin and my mind is focused on just the necessities of keeping everyone fed, hydrated and clothed:)

Hopefully, this week, we will put it all behind us and have a wonderful new (HEALTHY) year!

Funny Sick Ella:  I do have to share about Ella's sickness, because I don't want to forget and it is just too funny!  She gets REALLY HIGH fevers...105 is pretty typical for her and we know not to freak out too much these days...we know how to handle them.  But she gets so deleriously funny when she is feverish.
*In the middle of the night, she'll start singing "John Jacob Jinglehimmerschmidt" as she is trying to fall asleep!
*Yesterday on the way to the ER, she insisted that we stop at the carwash FIRST, because Dad's car was really dirty!
*After not eating for DAYS...her request when she was finally ready to eat something...Pea Soup, String Cheese, Pickles and Hot Chocolate!


  1. haha - Oh poor Ella, you'll definitely have to bring those quotes out when she's older. She'll be horrified!
    Hope everyone is better now :)

  2. Her menu sounds like a pregnant mama's dream! Did you share?

  3. Never too late! Don't your girls look adorable in their festive dresses.

    Hope everyone feels better soon! Happy New Year!

  4. I've been thinking about and praying for you guys and hoping things are better. Thanks for the update. Feel better all!!

  5. So sorry all the kids have been sick. This time of year is so hard with the weather and colds. Here's to health for the new year!


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