Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Days in Dallas

On Sunday, we got 6" of snow here in north Texas!  It was a wet snow, so not great for fort building or snowman building.  But perfect for heading out on the "hills" of north Texas.  The big girls and Woody spent the afternoon sledding and me and Aubrey stayed warm and welcomed them home with cocoa:)

To Ella's delight, the snow has not melted and is still around!  This afternoon while I was making dinner, the big girls bundled up and headed outside...Aubrey was left behind.  This is what she did while they played out back:
"Here Aubrey, have an icicle pop!"

"You want the big one or the little one?"

"These ice pops are cold!"

"Mom, why aren't we out there with them?  I want to go out and play!  It can't be that cold...can it?"


  1. poor aubrey ;) if she is like miss maggie, she would rather be inside! our girl is NOT a snow bunny!

  2. I really miss Texas when I see these fun snow days. The daughter of one of my friend's in McKinney was on the Dallas news the other day making snow balls. It looked awesome. Poor Aubrey, I am sure she hated missing out on it, but I am sure it was for her own good!!


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