Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a day of Games

We've been busy around here with appointments and laundry and getting ready for new baby:)  Just 10 more days!  We're almost there...and have some relaxing days ahead.

Ella and Aubrey have really become good play friends and look for each other when they aren't around.  I love when they sit and play without help.  The other day, they spent almost two hours in the morning playing games together.  Ella organized everything and I "helped" Aubrey play by the rules...I DID NOT PLAY though because they were just playing the two of them...no mommy!   (but Aubrey needed a little help with the game rules--according to Ella:)

They played a cookie matching shape game--like memory, but matching the shapes and then the cookies fit together.
Then they played a fishing/abc game.  Aubrey got pretty good at using her magnetic fishing rod to pick up the fish!  I was totally impressed with her skills.  She also liked to swing it around...which is NOT following the rules!

And then they read to each other:)  I love that Ella made them take turns and that she sat and listened while Aubrey "read" to her!

Ella shows amazing patience with Aubrey and their love and sisterly bond is so special.  When I was pregnant with Aubrey, and everyone else was having boys, I wanted one too...looking back...I'm so glad that we got another girl!  I don't think their relationship would be the same...and I am really enjoying the way they are blossoming as sisters and friends:)

I love these ordinary days, when there are no appointments, or errands, or therapies....just sisters!


  1. VERY sweet!!! I love how sweet Ella is with her little sister. I think sometimes we are guilty of thinking that our extra special kiddos won't do typical things and then when they do, we are surprised. I find myself feeling that way all the time like when Ella is chasing her sister around the house or having a tea party etc. I wanted to let you know that there is a chance that Ella and I MIGHT come to town in March. I am trying to see if I can afford to do it or not but I REALLY want to. We would be staying right there in the same town so I hope we would be able to get together :)

  2. What a sweet, sweet post!! I love watching sibling relationships bloom:) I too am happy that my 3 boys get to share their "brotherly" bond.

  3. So precious, and what a wonderful blessing! My older son is just starting to play with my Wesley, and I pray that God will give him a tender and loving heart toward his brother. I would love to be able to write a post about the bond between them some day!


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