Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday....was a BIG day at our house!

And NO that doesn't mean that baby came early...it just means that Aubrey had an exciting day!

I have been waiting to do this post FOREVER.

A little background:  Let me start with this cutie!  This is Koen...he is 6 weeks older than Aubrey.
I know that sometimes when you see Aubrey on this website....it is hard to get a feel for how big she is and if you just see her by herself...well, you just kind of don't know either...so I wanted to get a picture of her with someone that was her age...Her and her friend.
 Not the best pictures...but it gives you an idea of her size compaired to someone her age.  Koen weighs almost twice as much and is considerably taller...and is only in the 50% on the regular chart!
My ballerina is petite as you can see!  But she is happy and healthy.  

Our nutritionist comes every other week to keep an eye on her growth.  We gave up on charts a long time ago...I don't even know if she is on the Ds chart!  About a year ago...we decided to keep track of her growth and proportion.  As long as she is growing and proportional...then we let it go.
After all...this is not the bod of a girl that is wasting away!  The girl eats and she has the belly and cheeks to prove it!  And she is holding her own...and staying proportional....

BUT, this weight thing...is holding her back...literally backwards.
 Yup...for the last 2+ years...she has been in the infant carseat...BACKWARDS!  And yes, I could have moved her to a convertable carseat a long time ago, but she still had not met the 20lb requirement to turn her around.  And to be honest...I have been a little lazy.  It has been nice to just tote her into the house when she falls asleep in the car...and she keeps napping.

(2 weeks ago we weighed her with all her clothes on, just to see, and she was over 20lbs--so Suzanne said that if we don't take her anywhere NAKED, we could turn her around:)

BUT YESTERDAY...at her weigh in...she hit 20lbs EXACT!  So we could legitamitely TURN HER AROUND!!!!
She wasn't sure what to think about it at first...and I wish I could take pictures while I am driving, because she is LOVING it.  She can actually see out the windows and she "talks" the whole car ride now!  I knew that life would be so much better and different for her, but I am actually amazed at how much she is loving it.  

She's a big girl now!

(Nothing like waiting until 4 days before new baby comes and we need the carseat for him/her!  Thanks for finally giving it up, Aubrey:)


  1. yea aubrey! miss maggie loved when we turned her around the first time too! it was so cute, she just kept leaning toward the front window :) of course we hit the 20 pound mark at about 13 months...i thought our girl was small but miss aubrey definitely has her beat!

  2. Looks great, Aubrey! Our convertible carseats are rear-facing up to 40 pounds, so I think we'll have the only 2nd grader at LC's school facing the rear seat when she arrives in the mornings...don't tell her about your turn around! She'll be jealous, I'm sure! Way to go!!!

  3. HOORAY for Aubrey!!! This is such great news.......oh how we long for your buddy Landon to face forward too!! He's a peanut just like you:) His last weigh in was Jan 13th (he turns 2, Feb. 11th) and he was 19lbs. 11oz!!! ALMOST THERE!!! Way to go, BIG GIRL.....enjoy the view:)

  4. Oh I wish I could turn Arina around, I think she would enjoy the car so much more. But it will be a while I fear! How nice for her to be able to see the world now!


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