Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heart Day

Today is a big day for's heart day!  No it isn't one of those corny Hallmark Days that has been added to the calendar on January 6th.  It is probably only a day that we celebrate here at our house and that those around us who know us and love us remember...but it is a special day for us.

Two years ago...we handed our precious baby girl, not quite 4 months old and not quite 9lbs, over to a nurse, who walked down a very long, white sterile a waiting team who fixed her broken heart.  It was probably the hardest day of our lives.  But I will NEVER forget that day.  Yes is was difficult and long and so hard, but the team of doctors and nurses that took care of her that day (and the month that followed) and put our minds at ease and fixed our baby girls heart and then cared for her like there own...THOSE PEOPLE deserve a round of THANKS today.  We only did it once, but they do it all day, every day with hundreds of families each year.  We will be forever grateful to them for the life that they gave to our baby girl...because without this fix...she would not be with us.  And I can't imagine a life without this baby girl!
As I thought about it today...the emotions still run pretty high and are pretty raw and more than a couple times, I was almost in tears and probably squeezed her a little too tight.  But I'm a more grateful person because of this day and when I see that scar peaking out of her shirt, I thank God that she is here with us and that we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

I'm glad that today came around when it did, because my girls have been so sick (Aubrey might have bronchitis now) and I was feeling overwhelmed by all the appointments and keeping everybody's medicine straight and given at the right time and keeping fevers down and snuggling everybody that needed it and well...reflecting on Heart Day, put it all back into perspective for me.  Days like these are EASY in comparison.  And while they aren't fun, I sure would rather be at home in my jammies snuggling my girls than in a hospital away from my family watching my littlest recover from heart surgery again.  Heart Day helps us remember to be thankful...because sometimes we forget.  Heart Day helps us cherish more, love more, hug more and slow down to enjoy the life that we have.

So Happy Heart Day Baby Girl...You have come a long way in two years!  And we love you that much more!

In other exciting news:  Aubrey is moving on to new milestones in the new year.  For two years, (since heart day), we have been using a nebulizer almost every day.  Right now, we are doing 6 treatments a day and holding that thing for her is getting so old.  Today, when I set her on the couch to get ready, she took matters into her own hands!
She pretended to put the medicine in, sat down, put it up to her nose and was trying to turn on the machine herself!  So independent these days!  So I let her and was surprised at how well she did, holding it there herself for almost the whole treatment and readjusting it when it would slip and everything!  (and yes, we watch Baby Signing Time for almost every treatment:)

At Aubrey's 2 year ECI evaluation, our PT mentioned that besides walking independently, the next thing on her checklist of development, was  potty training!  To be honest, she is really interested in potty training and almost every bath begins with taking off a diaper and her peeing on my rug!  I have been dragging my feet a little and today during PT, we jumped the first hurdle and I pulled it out of the box.
She was more than delighted to sit on it and eat snacks.  Up and Down, Up and Down, Up and Down for at least 10 minutes.  Her only problem is that her feet don't touch the floor!  Though she is pretty good about backing up and trying to sit down, I'm thinking we need a shorter potty or a little stool or something if this will ever work.  (I have no hope that she will grow taller, fast enough).  After that, are problem will be trying to find 9-12 month undies (or I'll be putting my sewing skills to use)!  


  1. Oh I would love to see some cute little homemade unders on her little buns!

    Happy, happy heart day, Baby girl! We're so proud of you and love you to pieces!

    And happy (belated) anniversary to Mommy and Daddy!

    Love you, Smiths!

  2. Happy Heart Day Aubrey! She looks so cute on her potty...I think when it comes to potty training, I too will be dragging my feet a little ;-)

  3. Awww, what a big girl and special day for you all!

  4. Check out adventures of Pudge & Zippy for a small potty stool.


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