Friday, April 30, 2010

Things that happen...

Mom's go to the bathroom too!  We have needs too!  And sometimes, we just like to shut the door!

These are the things that might happen when the door is closed...  

"Someone" may reorganize your cupboards...
"Someone" may try on your glasses and rings...
"Someone" may decide that she wants to play video games on the X-Box...
"Someone" might empty the dishwasher for you:)
"Someone" might dress up their little sister in a teddy bear vest...
Guaranteed that the little sister will not like this!
And "someone" who thinks that she is really bigger than she is, might try to pour her own juice...
But when that fails, she is big enough to take it upon herself to start cleaning up!  
Or maybe fear made her do it!
(Quote:  "It's ok Mom, I'm cleaning it up!")

Maybe it would be better to leave the door open next time!


  1. Oh, the noodie juice clean up is my favorite. "It's okay mom..." Still giggling. And AMEN to the DARN dishwasher emptying. LC's dramatic emptying technique (wildly toss dish over shoulder) reduced my wine glass collection by 2 this week. I told her that was fine. Soon, I'll be drinking wine out of my 42 ounce insulated QuikTrip mug, anyway.

  2. "It's okay mom, I'm cleaning it up!" That is hilarious!! Oh what funny pictures, and what cute girls you have! This made my day off to a good start :)

  3. Oh, man- this is hilarious. I particularly like dressing the little sister up in doll clothes. Ya know, not many year-and-a-half-ers could achieve such a feat! :) And I hafta admit- I was looking at the towels being used to clean up the juice to see if she decided to use her clothes... Things could be worse, right? OR it could have been grape juice instead! :) Hope your day continues its hilarity, but maybe calms down just a tad :)

  4. How funny!!! I laughed pretty hard at this post! :) I love that you caught all of these moments on your camera!

  5. Absolutely priceless post! Loved it!

  6. Isn't it amazing what they can accomplish in the seconds it takes to go to the bathroom. It is like they are just waiting for it. Aubrey in the bear vest is too funny. The "It's ok Mom, I'm cleaning it up" Priceless! I guess that just makes it all better. They are funny!

  7. Lol! This post made me giggle!

  8. I bet you can't wait when they start to conspire together when you're not in the room, or have they already started that? :) Love the new layout! Super cute!!

  9. Oh my- that is too funny!! Why is it that all is calm until Mom steps into the bathroom or gets on the phone. I usually see little fingers wiggling under the door or cute little notes sliding through to ask me a question.
    In Him,


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