Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder....

I have come to appreciate friends...play dates...ADULT conversation (that isn't a doctor or therapist:)  These are all BLESSINGS in my life and I appreciate them more now that Aubrey is here...

Last year, we were SUPER germaphobic as she prepared for surgery and then recovered.  We had a lovely summer and fall, when it happened.  GERMS!  They landed Aubrey in the hospital and then most outside contact was done for.  No play dates with other kids, no handing her around at functions.  We became super germaphobic again...we had to...we couldn't keep ending up in the hospital.

Mid March was our last synagis shot...so come mid April, we had the green light to play with friends again.  She might still get sick, but she NEEDS to be with other kids:)  So with such low risk, we headed to playgroup with friends...and we are happy...no matter how many tears over unshared toys...or stolen toys...or unfairness...we are happy to be with OUR friends again.  We appreciate them more now than we did before...we love our friends...
 and we love to try out boy toys at all the other houses:)
 Who didn't have a BIG WHEEL when they were growing up?!?!

 And our love (obsession) with bubbles is ongoing.  And the pink tutu that twirls as you spin your bubbles, and the red sparkle shoes, does in fact make blowing bubbles better!  
 Ella has also found a deep love for tools and "building".  I'm sure that Woody will spend many weekends in the next few months at home depot with his big girls...sporting the orange aprons...busy building banks and birdhouse and bird feeders...
Aubrey found a great friend last week...his name is Ace and he is the most gentle and loving dog.  
He put his paw out and she new exactly what to do...shake and make introductions.
 He patiently let her explore his eyes and nose.
 And then she gently gave him a nice pat on the back.
 We love Ace and can't wait to see him again.
And we are really looking forward to time with Gramma and Granddad Smith's golden, Rocky, this summer.
I think he and Aubrey will be fast friends too.

So here's to appreciating your friends, no matter how big or furry and for adult conversation!


  1. Hate to say it, Mama, but looks like you'll be in the market for a red convertible in about 15 years... It's DEFINITELY her color. And maybe a lab to share the passenger seat with :)

    My dad's a carpenter; I always LOVED to build things in his shop. I think my mom still has the working dresser I made for troll (yikes) clothes in grade school. Some of the only personal time I ever spent with my Grandad was out there, too. I'm sure they'll build a lot of memories, too!

  2. Oh, my hallelujah. Happiness is a red and white polka dot sunhat.

  3. I second CH! Especially when that is adorable hat made by Mama intended for her wee head a whole year ago! It (pretty much) fits! And is super cute, by the way....

  4. He he - friends (and doggies) make the world a better place :)


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