Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

He is RISEN!  He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

For most everyone else, spring comes when the calendar says that it is day light savings time and we get an "extra" hour in the day...or when the pear trees bloom...or the crocuses poke through the ground...not me...spring comes hand in hand with EASTER.
It is finally warm enough to wear sleeveless dresses and sandals.  And it is a warm and breezy day and we can open the windows and breath in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine and blow away all the stuffiness of WINTER.
And I feel renewed and refreshed and forgiven and grateful.  
And life is soooo good.
I love how they can be so excited...I mean over the top excited to do something that we do every year and they never tire of it.  And it is all new to them again and they are excited.  They sit and remember the years past...where we were...what things we did to celebrate...where the baskets were hidden...IF we dyed the eggs...the DRESSES.
And I LOVE when it is NEW again.  This is her second Easter, but it is all new again to her.  And he beautiful eyes looked up at me in amazement over all those colorful eggs around her.  And she wanted to know if they were really for her...and I assured her they were ALL hers (specially "reserved").
And I encouraged her to put those beautiful eggs in her basket...but she had other plans...

unless maybe you can actually get one of those eggs open:)

What girl doesn't love the thrill of the hunt.  A girl will hunt for anything, won't she, especially if she thinks there might be chocolate involved.  And a parent has to get creative and maybe TOO obvious with the baskets so that there is at least SOME challenge to it.
One was high!

One low and hidden amongst the animals.

One tucked away, where other baskets usually reside.

And one in just the right spot, low to the ground, where she was sure to find that when she saw it, she would go right for it and we could enjoy the light in her eyes as she made her way over...

And then we got to enjoy her discovering something new and wonderful!

I love her...because it was the book she was drawn too and stayed with for so long.  I love my readers.  They love a good story...but who doesn't.
She spent quite awhile "sassing" the Easter Bunny.  
Apparently he was not aware of her deep LOVE for chocolate and didn't put ANY in her basket.

Spring is when vinegar is in the air!  And those plastic cups are full of bright colors!
And the eyes that have such anticipation for what is to come and what is happening.

The grin of a job well done and a GOOD day...that all started out at church with a celebration of our risen Savior, who died on the cross and rose again, so that SOMEDAY we may enjoy days even more heavenly than these.

A special thank you to Grandma for the ears!  
I didn't know where to include this photo and there really isn't much to say.
It speaks for itself...or at least for the little girl that is all MINE, 
but totally her OWN person! 
We love you Ella Bella!
I guess spring is also for puddle jumping boots and tutus as well...


  1. very, very cute pictures. Happy Easter:)

  2. So glad you had such a wonderful day! Ahhh, SPRING:) LOVE the pics!!

  3. Such cute pictures! So glad your Easter was so wonderful!

  4. Beautiful post! Beautifully written and
    "illustrated" with beautiful pictures! Have to say that Ella Bella in boots, bunny ears and ballerina tutu was one of my favorites. She is her own girl! Love her, and love you all!

  5. Such great pictures. I love the girls dresses. I was bad about that this year...we didn't get new ones. Maybe because my older girls are starting to hit that age where they don't like dresses much anymore. I LOVE all of the beautiful pics of Aubrey. She is just sooo sweet.


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