Monday, April 19, 2010

Texas Blue Bonnets

Spring in Texas...means the Blue Bonnets are in full bloom.  Most often, they are planted along freeways and busy roads, but someone told me about this beautiful patch, in a field behind a church.
It was an impromptu photo shoot with the girls.  I'm lucky they had combed hair!
They would rather have just enjoyed the flowers...
Than sit and let me take pictures.
They are a state flower and beautiful.
The girls were all very careful to sit where others had already come....
And they kept each other in check!
And everyone had a good time!
Everyone got their fill of beauty...
I got beautiful pictures and they got to do what they wanted.
I have long learned that sometimes the best pictures and moments are not always of them looking at the camera and smiling.  Sometimes it is just seeing them doing what THEY love to do...enjoying the beauty around them.

This FAIRYTALE photo shoot was followed by a trip to the doctor's office for Miss Aubrey.
Apparently, the mom taking the photos should have worried less about the couple bees that she saw and more about the ants that were biting her youngest baby!  
(for the record, she didn't even cry!  I only noticed all the bites and welts as I was sticking her back into the car)
Some meds and a bath to get her all washed down and clean, she was doing much better.  They are almost gone now, but she keeps pointing to the bites:)  Her one hand got it the worst.


  1. Oh, my- how cute are they??? I'll admit to having a little flower-envy... No real flowers here yet. But, MAN, am I eagerly awaiting Mother's Day so that we can FINALLY start planting! Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Oh no!! Poor thing. :( Awesome pictures Rachel!! Liam would have had half that field mowed down...great job girls! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! You would never know about the ant bites with that BIG, beautiful smile, but I'm glad she's okay!

  4. P.S- What part of Texas are you in? I live in Texas too:) The Dallas/Ft. Worth area to be exact.

  5. I love blue bonnets =) What gorgeous pictures!
    Sorry about the ant bites...I know those stink! I once had two tiny bites on my ankle that caused my whole ankle to swell up. Hope she is feeling ok!

  6. Oh, Aubrey baby, Lilly will agree with you that those ant bites are no fun! But you sure didn't show it in your pictures! So beautiful. I think my favorite is the one where Aubrey has her hands up- "sooo big" and SO cute! Also love the last one of Ella b/c you can see her little stinker grin. : ) But really, they ALL look beautiful! Great photography!

  7. I love and miss the blue bonnets!! We only lived in TX for one year so I only got one set of pics (and this was pre Ella). We found this really great spot in Little Elm where we took them. Sigh!!! But those are beautiful pictures that you have of all the girls....looks like you found the perfect spot!!

  8. Beautiful! Love the black and white pictures. Hope the ant bites aren't bothering her anymore.


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