Monday, April 12, 2010

Summer weekend?

And just like spring came last week for me...the kids have decided that SUMMER is here for them!  80 is warm, but I don't find that to be swimsuit/water season quite yet.  After all of the begging for weeks now, they finally convinced their Daddy to get out the slip and slide.  And so begins the weekends of setting it up at the end of the playset slide and creating summer, backyard memories.
(if he had been able to find the plugs for the pool, he'd have set that up at the end of the slide...maybe next week!)

This takes some thought.  First you fill up the "sandbox" with water.  
Fill buckets from "sandbox" and dump on slide to make wet.
Then slide...

And slide...
And slide some more.
For those who felt that it was not quite warm enough for water fun,
we swung.  Aubrey could spend all day in the swing.
She just exudes happiness in that swing.  
Worth all the money that we spent on the playset and swing to see that precious face.
Our little girl has discovered a love for this bitty baby doll.
It's just the right size.
And Ella learned how to ride a "Big Girl Bike" with training wheels.
She is soooo proud of her accomplishments and so are we!


  1. What beautiful pictures!! :)

  2. Love the picture of Aubrey with her baby. We do the pool at the end of the slide -- but the slip n slide looks like lots of fun!!

  3. Aww, looks like tons of fun:) And Miss Aubrey, how stinkin' cute are you! Love these pics!!


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