Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back from Vacation:)

So we are finally back from a very restful and enjoyable vacation to see family up north:)  So sad that it is over as this week has already started with a bang and August looks like it is filling up pretty quickly too!

I am still sifting through my pictures, but this is a pretty good picture of our vacation.  I ONLY took 550 photos, and that was between me and Woody.  Brenna knows me well enough to know that I could take 100 in one day and so 550 seems minimal, but we were so busy enjoying our littles and those of my sister and just enjoying family and sometimes, the camera just can't capture moments like that...

We drove to Wisconsin to enjoy a wedding reception for my cousin Jessica and her new husband Adam.  They got married out at a vineyard in Oregon last month, but had a reception locally for those who couldn't fly out to be with them on their actual wedding day.
(this is a good example of lack of picture taking...not one picture of them together, but they certainly are a great looking couple:)

Next we headed to Michigan to enjoy a few days at my sisters house.  They live on a lake and have a pool...so enough said, everyone had a great time!  
Cooling off in the pool with daddy!
Ella and Luke on the dock waiting for the "Barge" to come in.

The "Barge" of sad littles who HAD to come in for dinner.

Sometimes icecream makes up for having to come in from the lake!

Back at the house, baby Jake, is not so baby anymore and is gaining fast on his cousin Aubrey.

These two...peas in a pod!

My younger sister and fiance' were also there...but again, no cute picture of the happily engaged couple, but we did get to do some dress shopping and flower girl shopping, so lots of fun and we are getting really excited about the wedding next summer:)

Then it was on to Ohio to see Woody's parents.  We had so much fun there too...shopping...dress up...doll houses...the park...and a trip to the zoo to celebrate Alice's 8th Birthday!
Yes, the polka dots help to keep track of them when we go places!
Can you tell we love polka dots!

A wonderful vacation and way to relax.  Now we're thinking about back to school and getting ready for the fall:)


  1. Oh so good to see our favorite Smiths! LOVE the pic of Ella and Luke on the dock. Very artsy! And to the last photo Ella Rose says "Pinkalicious!"

  2. Ella looks like she grew an inch while she was away! Wow! :)

  3. Wow, look at that view! What a fantastic house! I see you are Disney fans, we are Disney fanatics, and I'm going to have to buy one of those Disney beanies you made Ella, it is to die for!

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous! I love your photos too!!


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