Monday, July 12, 2010

Time Outs!

I guess that it was only a matter of time, before the trouble maker would have to be disciplined for all her naughtiness...
This happened again last she had to sit on the stair for a minute.  I put the pile of paper in my bathroom to use up and replaced the role.

Next day, she did it again with the new roll:(  Another time out...though they don't really seem to be working...How do you get them to stop laughing and smiling at you?

Two days later...she did it again....(sigh)

We are trying really hard to keep the doors closed.  I don't have much more room in my bathroom basket for anymore unrolled toilet paper!

Yesterday...Ella did it to the last of the roll in our bathroom!  (Maybe she was curious about what Aubrey thinks is cool!  Who knows:)

Oh what to do!


  1. Oh, that face! I couldn't help but smile!!! I guess the answer is consistency and Aubrey will eventually understand that time out is not a game. I found that it really didn't work with Gabe until he was well into his fourth year -- but he's a boy! Whaddya expect! :P

    Anyway, I had to chuckle over the whole toilet paper story! You might want to put the roll up and out of little hands' way for a while. :)

  2. Oh, dear. I'm absolutely not allowing LC to view this one. So far she's been too distracted by her toilet water play to notice the toilet paper roll...But, I must say...that's the CUTEST thing I've ever seen on a bathroom floor. Oh, you sweet little terror. The escapades you and Pudge could plan...I shudder to think.

  3. Have you tried buying the Kirkland TP from Costco? It's individually wrapped and reminds me of a public bathroom every time I go potty at my house. LOL. But it keeps our mischievous puppy from doing the same thing with the extra rolls. Just a thought...

  4. I hate the idea that your pain is my laughter, but really? How can you not chuckle at that sweet, innocent little face? I can't decide if she's saying "oh, dear, I didn't mean to get caught...", or "What? You guys take it off all the time. Why can't I??"

    ...although I laughed just about as hard when I envisioned a laundry basket sitting next to your toilet in an effort to house all the paper that's bound to be, well, un-bound in the days to come. Good luck, mama, and thanks for the laugh! :)

  5. Oh no! Ella too?! Glad to see that even though it's a much quieter house now, it's definitely not a dull house! Love you and miss you guys!


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