Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Noah...

Dear Noah,

Please come back to Texas!!!

My nutritionist Ms. Suzanne was here this week and she is NOT HAPPY!

While you were here visiting in June, I gained 13oz!  Two weeks after you left, I dropped 5oz.  And this week I dropped another 1oz.  (back under 18lbs).

I told her it was all the skills that I am learning and the moving that I am doing, but she didn't buy it and said that you should come back and help me bulk up so that I won't be sitting backwards in the car FOREVER!

I know it is hot right now (102 today), but our winters are so much better than those ones in Minnesota.  Please consider the move and let me know.  You can even have your own room Buddy!

Love and Hugs and Kisses,

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  1. Dear Aubrey,

    So I've been in negotiations all day and I still don't have Mom convinced that I can hop on a plane all by myself and come stay with you guys. She says that it makes her too nervous and that she'd miss me too much. But, I told her, I'm a BIG boy! That's why Aubrey NEEDS me!

    Oh, bumpers. I'm sorry I can't come back Aubrey. But listen to me all the way from Minnesota: you need to eat your vegetables and proteins (remember those yummy protein shakes your Daddy makes?!) so you can keep growing. You have to be the same as me because that's the rules! But it's okay to get exercise and learn to stand and walk and dance too, because then next time I see you we can do all of those things together!

    Oh, and my Mommy said to say that YOU can come stay with me in MN anytime you want! You could even share a room with me!

    Love you bunches and bunches, and wish I could give you a kiss and hug right now!

    Love,your buddy, Noah


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