Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Little Piggies

This little piggie went to school....
(minus the winter boots and WITH pants)
This little piggie stayed home...
(statue outside our library---she thinks he's real)
This little piggie had track fun day...
Frisbee Toss

Shuttle Runs
This little piggie had fun...(at track fun day too)

she got better with each shot...proud mama!
And this little piggie has been sick....ALL week long....
getting ready for ballet recital rehersal
I'll spare you the "sick" pictures and just show you in all her glory at ballet.  I'm so glad that I took all these pictures on Thursday at the rehersal.  My girl was running a 105 fever on Saturday afternoon and STILL wanted to dance.
 We got her fever under control just long enough for her to dance and tap and get her home again.
She is so brave and strong and I'm so proud that she wanted to do it and that she did it so well.
No one even knew she was sick...but she was and she still is...and we are hoping that tomorrow brings nothing but cheery health for my girl.

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  1. Oh man. Her blue eyes just POP in her ballet outfit. Beautiful! So hoping she turns a corner soon and is back to her old Ella self. ; )


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