Monday, May 28, 2012


We have ALL agreed that Memorial Day means camping with good friends out at Shiloh Lutheran Retreat Center!  You may remember we did it two years ago and had a blast and this year was equally fun and we agreed that it needs to be tradition now!
It's a little trickier now with 7 of us!  But the memories are priceless!
And since my camera battery died almost right away...most of the weekend was spent enjoying the little moments instead of trying to capture them:)
#14....It's always our campsite.  Everything fits and the set up is always the same.  Only difference this year was be put the tent where the campfire usually is.  The great thing about camping with friends....they have campfires and they share!
But the view is the same....beautiful!  And this is where we spend 90% of our time.

There were old friends and new friends alike.  The thing I LOVE about camping...the kids just slide into friendships.  They pick up where they left off or just start up fresh and new and it is so cooperative and fun to watch them.
Me and Emelia chilling in the shade on the deck.  
 This girl is a fish!  A rare moment on the deck.

Girl has been practicing her JUMP for awhile and she's getting good at it:)  Look at that air!
And her bravery?  It's through the roof!  She could not get enough of the slide with Dad.

Even Emelia kept climbing to the top to go down the water slide!
 This weekend was good practice.  Alice and Kate will spend a week here this summer as camper...sans mom and dad!  Now that we've spent another weekend here, they are getting SUPER excited!
The lake levels were low, so no big jumps this year.
 But Aubrey got her classic throw from Dad.
And Ella too!

And this guy....we've camped with him before.  He and his parents are dear friends.
(super hero cape and mask from etsy shop)
 But next Saturday...they are moving to Minnesota:(
Thanks guys, for spending your last weekend with us out at the lake.  We'll think of you every Memorial Day!

And so we are home and unpacked and the washer is working overtime.  The two littles were in bed at 6 and the bigs at 7:30....and we are gearing up for the last couple days of school this week and then a summer of fun!


  1. We loved it! I loved getting a little bit more time around everyone than just at church. I've never heard Aubrey so verbal, either.

  2. sounds like you had a fun time

  3. Yet another reason to visit Minnesota! : )

    SO many wonderful pics! Looks like you had a great time. Especially loving the Woody throwing Aubrey one, and the little fish taking a break on the dock. : ) And way to capture the moment of air between the slide and the water! Great pic.

  4. Great pictures! Looks like a ton of fun!! :) Sad about the Ben-a-Ben and his family moving away. :(


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