Monday, June 7, 2010

Still here:)

Yes we are still here!  It was one of those crazy weeks, with school ending and field trips and appointments and a shortened week.  This will maybe help you...Aubrey is still a two-a-day-napper...she had ONE nap at home in her bed last week...INCLUDING the weekend!  One day she was either in her carseat, a stroller, or grocery cart almost all day!  But we are chilling now that summer is here and hope to get caught up on our blog and play time!
We spent the Memorial Day weekend at this beautiful camp, about 1.5 hours east of Dallas.  We haven't camped with Aubrey yet, so it was a little tighter in the camper, but we spent most of the time in the lake anyway.
This was the view from our campsite (other directions was the bathroom:)  But I loved looking out the camper window to this every morning and despite my fears, it was nice to be so close to the lake.
Aubrey was ever so patient while we set up the campsite.  As you can see, not a lot of good grass to sit in!  So the stroller it was!

Yup, we all slept in here! Parents on one side, 3 kids sideways on the other and the crib went right in between
The lake and the dock were wonderful!  We spent 90% of our time down here.
And they were all brave enough to go down the water slide...

And they all jumped off the 12' dock!  (I didn't catch Alice when she was doing it, but she did it too)

Aubrey was just content to just be in the water!  She is a natural water baby and she really did smile like that the entire time she was in there...except when she was trying to drink the water!
The sand volleyball court was perfect for making castles.

And then it was back into the lake for more fun and games!

There is just something about a sticky baby all covered up in that coconut smelling sun screen!
And you aren't really camping unless every night you share marshmallows or something around the campfire!
And we had such great fun with our friends.

And all too soon it was time to go...
(the little lizard tongue thing is new:)
Woody snapped this shot of us both sticking our tongues out:)
Until next time...
I just love the views from the dock!


  1. Great pics, Rachel!! Looks like you all had a super fun time!! Happy Summer:)

  2. I see a Christmas card photo in that last picture and I want one!! What a great picture. What lake is that? I know you said an hour and a half east of Dallas but what is it called? My friends in McKinney are always looking for someplace new to go. I am in awe of you guys cramming in to that little camper. Looks like so much fun!! Maybe next summer!!

  3. I wish we had camping like that here!!! We do really well if we can get a stream anywhere close by. It looks like you guys had a blast! I bet you had a quiet few days after that with everyone recovering!

    ...even if you went in a trailer (wink, wink-- not that I can say much, we haven't been camping in a couple years, and I can't say it's very likely this summer, either!)


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