Monday, June 14, 2010


Dear Aubrey,

We are so proud of you and your ability to use good manners at the table.  Though sometimes I wish you didn't INSIST on having a fork and plate at each meal, I appreciate the fact that you try so hard to be a big girl.

 I love your persistence with stabbing your food.
And your sheer determination to do matter how long dinner last sometimes...even if you are the first one at the table...and the last one want to do it yourself, and with the fork!
It is so hard to find stabable food for you to eat for your entire meal, each meal, all day.  I appreciate the fact that you let me spoon feed some things still and when things get too slimy or difficult, you will succumb to using your fingers now and then.
We love you Sweet Pea!  Keep up the good work!



  1. Fancy, Fancy, Aubrey!!!

    ...who knew that eating from a fork could be so cute? Piper's starting to refuse anything she doesn't feed herself. I can get cereal and yogurt in her, but that's about it. If I approach her with a spoon, she grabs the food off to put it in her mouth. It's beginning to be a very messy endeavor. We're hoping the fork comes soon! :)

  2. She is just so cute!! I love the pictures, what a big girl!

  3. I just LOVE those pictures!! She is so adorable!! :)


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