Monday, April 23, 2012

Ticket to Ride

This post is for Grandpa....who came all the way to Texas from Michigan, to make this happen.  
My girl is short.  She doesn't even qualify for the special ed bicycles that they make.  Too short by two inches.  
We bought the smallest tricycle that we could find...and after much trial and error....we sort of gave up on rigging the  bike for her.  Enter Grandpa, who came for a short weekend.  He figured out how to put blocks on BOTH sides of the pedals and foam swim noodles (cut in half), so that she could learn to ride a bike!  (we had been trying to just put them on one side, but they kept flipping)
And Aubrey is not the only one who is enjoying to fruits of his labor:)  Sister wants a turn too and I'm sure she'll be racing with the big girls soon.
Aubrey rode her bike (during PT) all the way to the park with very minimal help.  She just needs someone giving her a little push to keep her momentum going.  Then for the next hour, she climbed the rock wall....
Slid down the slide, by herself....
And climbed some more!
She is STRONG and ABLE and MOTIVATED and DETERMINED.  And when given the size adjustments that she needs, SHE CAN DO IT!  This girl will not be left behind.  

Thank you for working on her bike Grandpa and making this happen for her!

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  1. Cute post! I had "double blocks" on my trike pedals when I was a little girl, too! (My dad was an engineer, grin.)

    I love seeing pictures of your sweet little girls!

    Piper's nana, Robbie :)


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