Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We are still in disbelief....but they let us bring her home!  Her shortest stay EVER!

In the end, I think that catching this early and having WONDERFUL care (at a different children's hospital) really helped her.  We got meds and oxygen on board quickly and that made a big difference.

The biggest thing was oxygen and fever and once her fever was under control, we were just waiting for her nap to see if she could sleep without oxygen.  At 4:30 she FINALLY gave in.  And she hovered just on the edge of needing it, but they didn't give it to her!  They just watched closely.

I also think that he trusted our judgement in her care and knew that we would be very cautious with her.  We don't take her health lightly...that's for sure.  So when he said he left it to us.....we RAN with her.
She is the ONLY one who looked back!

So she is home and happily sleeping in her own bed.  She will have to follow up with her regular doctor this week to make sure she is on the mend and for sure I'll be keeping her home from school.  But we are happy to all be under one roof again:)

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  1. I am so Happy. Welcome home Aubrey.


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