Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick again....

Aubrey is sick again....really sick:(

She started running a fever Monday and by Tuesday morning needed oxygen, so off the the ER we went.
ER upon arrival
Chest x-ray, blood work and nose swab reveal nothing.  So it's a virus of some kind, like usual, that is taking my girl down.  After a good nap yesterday, we were able to keep her off of the oxygen for awhile.  Which is a really good sign and we were hopeful.
From 7-10 she was chatty and happy.  Not eating or drinking much, but seemed to be ok.  As soon as she laid down to go to sleep, her stats TANKED.  So she ended up on oxygen last night.  And not just a wiff, but a whole liter.  Doctor said that since we caught it early, she may get worse before better.  Oh so comforting.....She still had a fever this morning, but once we got it down.....
We got dressed and brushed teeth and combed hair and she ate a really good breakfast.  All very good signs that she is doing better than she has in the past and we are hoping this isn't a week long event, but still taking it one day at a time.
playing Ipad
After awhile we took her off oxygen, which is what is keeping us there.  We are trying to keep her off of it while she is awake and only giving as needed.
Watching signing time with Em
Dad is there now and I'm at home with Emmie who is napping, so I'm gonna get something to eat and shower and then pack up for another night there.

I will try to update here as I can for those who keep asking :)  Internet is giving me problems at the hospital and I"m having troubles figuring out how to blog on my phone...

Pray for quick recovery and just one more night there....


  1. She's the cutest sick girl I know! But I sure hope she is feeling better SOON! Much love from MinneSNOWta! : )

  2. Prayers for your sweet Aubrey and for you guys!

  3. Praying for sweet Aubrey to get better fast. Jesus Keep you all.

  4. Feel better soon Aubrey. Hope you get to go home soon.


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