Thursday, September 15, 2011

School....Take Two

I was wondering how today would go....talked it up all night....prepared for the worst.....

Got Aubrey out of her crib....told her we were going to eat and get ready for SCHOOL and to see her TEACHER and FRIENDS.

Got her dressed so we could go to SCHOOL and to see her TEACHER and FRIENDS.

Ate breakfast so we could go to SCHOOL and to see her TEACHER and FRIENDS.

I said, "It's time to go to SCHOOL and to see her TEACHER and FRIENDS.  Let's get your backpack and go out to the car."

She promptly walked to her hook, grabbed her backpack and lunch box and signed "school"!
One of her IEP goals (for the YEAR) states that she will carry her own backpack and lunchbox and follow school routines (walk in by self, carry all items and put them away in her locker).... CHECK!
 That icepack in her bag was SOOOOO heavy...and while it wasn't far to the car....she got it all the way there.
 Another IEP goal is to remove shoes and clothing.  Because being late on the second day (by two minutes) wasn't enough....Aubrey removed her shoes, orthotics and socks in the car on the way!  Second day of school....second CHECK!
 After returning shoes to her feet and putting her backpack on and handing her her lunch box, we walked into school.  After a quick hug and kiss she willingly went with the Principle down to her classroom...DIDN'T EVEN LOOK BACK AT ME!!!!  Sad and proud all at once.  Yup, today was a good day and I had high hopes.  No worries here, just spend the morning wondering what she was up to.

Even though the school day for her class runs until 2:15, we have opted to only send her 1/2 days.  I pick her up after lunch and we come home for nap.  I got there a tad early (timing my different routes, so we aren't late tomorrow) so I had to wait.  Across from the front office is the library.  The kids have story time here and also can check out books to their classroom.
 This is only half the library!  Reading is a big deal and I'm so glad they take it serious here....

And then I heard the secretary coming down the hall with my girl and as they turned the corner, I didn't see a crying girl....
I saw a VERY excited girl.  She was full of hugs and kisses for me and Emelia and couldn't stop smiling.  I'm pretty sure she had a good day!  And that makes this mama happy.

Maybe we are ready for the carpool line.....if we can get there on time:)


  1. Wonderful! Such a great library, too!

  2. Yipee! Glad the day went so well! And love the pictures along with the update. Cute, cute!


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