Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So the three big girls are now in school (Ella most days) , so I'm finding time for catching up!
I feel like the first week was a little crazy, since Ella had surgery, and last week she was still recovering and now this long weekend.....I feel like we are getting into the swing this week now....and then Aubrey will start!
Alice is in 4th grade now....I remember when I used to sub, thinking that 4th graders were so BIG.  And now...I feel the same:)  

But in a lot of ways, they are stuck in the middle.  Not the little kids anymore, but not yet considered big kids.  It's a good place though and I think it fits her.  In a home where she is ALWAYS the big kid, I think it is nice to have a place where she isn't.  And while she still has fun pretending and such with her sisters, she is also spreading her wings a bit and reading higher level books and singing in the choir and caring about hair and clothes.  (we will have many YEARS of butting heads ahead....I can already see).
Kate is in 2nd grade and with a room full of boys....she holds her own pretty well.  She is my most energetic and hangs with the boys just fine.  She's becoming a leader and is reading beyond her years!  I can't keep enough books in the house for her:)  
She loves to just get to school and get to work.  Let's do this!  It may be due to the fact that they have great teachers and friends, but I do hope that she always loves learning like this....with enthusiasm!
Ella went to preschool this year and is learning the ropes at the "big school".  And while getting up early is NOT her thing, she is settling in nicely and LOVES to be with her friends.  We are excited to see how the year progresses, since she had surgery and is just starting to become a new and improved Ella.  But this weekend she was writing words for me....so I know she's learning lots already.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for her.  Those first four days at home were pretty rough, but then she made a turn and hasn't looked back.  We are so thankful to have found the problem and to have been able to have it repaired.  We continue to pray that she remains healthy now.
Breakfast of Champions on the First Day of School....Thurne's Sausage, Carrots and Hummus!  Love this girl and her constant ways to make me laugh:)
Aubrey had a meet the teacher and it was good.  (This is her carpet spot.)  They are ready and waiting for her.  I think she's gonna do great, but it will be an adjustment too.  Her ARD (admissions, review, dismissal) meeting is tomorrow morning.  We have some of her ECI people coming to help us make that transition to school as we write her new goals for school.  Sad and exciting time all at once....
We are excited and nervous about starting school, but I know that Miss Senne is going to take the best care of our girl here.  (yup....she's got a locker and it's the real deal--she can't open it, but they'll be working on it).
And Miss Emelia.....in August she learned to sit up by herself, crawl, pull to stand, and keep us on our toes!
She is a busy one and moving faster than I would like.  So from time to time I might push her down to keep her from walking too soon!  She's my little and I can't have her growing too fast!

More to come on Aubrey's school and meetings!  Have a great Tuesday!

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