Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Sigh....} Baseball Games

I realize that I am WAY behind on updates....and I just have decided that instead of trying to back track we will just move forward and I will fill in the gaps where I can.

(Note to anyone out there:  If you are trying to keep up with everything in your life and you have 5 children, I highly recommend NOT taking 695 pictures on your Disney vacation that you must then sort through in order to post and share and NOT signing up to sew 210 luggage tags and 30 crayon rolls for a wedding--though you know I'm loving it Becky--just not keeping up with laundry or dishes or the blog:)

So this weekend, with my new resolution to NOT take too many pictures (I only took 7), we headed out to a local baseball game.  The Frisco Rough Riders feeds into the Texas Rangers team.  We went with a church group and had a great time.  It was a ticket to the game (7th row near first base) and an all you can eat buffet as well!!!  The girls were in heaven since usually we just get one treat for everyone at the game and they were able to go up as many times as they wanted!
Aubrey had a lot of fun concidering she didn't have a nap....but I'm not sure she was really interested in the actual game!
Emelia slept through half of it and then got passed around the crowd.

Ella was excited to have her "soda pop" and wanted a picture of herself with it.
Alice's disappointment that we were going to SHARE only ONE bag of cotton candy between ALL the girls!

Kate enjoying the Icy Lemonade that we also only got one of and they had to share!

Tough life these kids have....I know!

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