Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Aubrey

Have you missed my mom's updates lately?
My mommy has been SUPER busy just keeping up with all of us...and our new house...which is looking better, but still looks kind of like this:

My daddy is home for the next TWO WEEKS!!!

So mommy should be able to get ready for Christmas and get the house in order finally...and then catch up on my blog:)

But to catch you up a little, I'll leave you with Thanksgiving.
Balloons are such cheap entertainment...but I LOVE THEM!

We had a wonderful feast, and enjoyed the company of my Auntie Becky all the way from California, and my mommy's cousin Sonja who came up from Austin.

Now off to bed....


  1. Oh, wow, I guess I missed it that you all are in a new house. Looks like you'll be busy for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy your time together!

  2. Um- I think it all just looks tidy and organized in boxes! I guess that says more about the state of my home....

  3. Love the laughing pictures! SUPER cute! : ) Enjoy all of your time with Daddy home!

  4. Glad you have made it to your new house. Enjoy the holidays.


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